Livia Buda

Kranio sakral terapeut

Livia Buda har været i Kiropraxis fra 2013. Hun er uddannet massør i Rumænien og kranio-sakral terapeut fra Stanley Rosenberg Instituttet 2014. livia@kiropraxis.dk


Forudgående uddannelser

  • BA Filosofi
  • BA Sociologi
  • MA Antropologi

Livia er fra Rumænien, taler dansk (men helst engelsk) og skriver følgende om sin tilgang til behandling

“I believe that the body is a sacred and precious vessel that helps us navigate the stream of life. Through it we experience the abundance of life with all its and we express ourselves. But there are times in our busy lives when we overuse it or neglect it, ignoring its’ beauty and intelligence and thus imbalance is born”.

“My role as a therapist is to bring the body back to balance by releasing tension and melting restrictions. I work in a mindful and spontaneous manner both through a deep powerful touch and a light soothing touch, while holding the intention of creating flow, symmetry and structural integration. Although my main focus is directed towards the physical bodily structures (muscles, connective-tissue, lymphatic system, nervous system), I integrate in my work the emotional and energetic structures as well.”

“My approach towards bodily therapy is born out of a background of both scientific and spiritual views regarding the human structure and it’s holistic nature”.

Theresa Rehabilitering


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